“Our unique combination of active learning, personal development and adventurous training gets you so much more from your CPD!”

We are CPD providers, or should we say CPD facilitators, but with a difference……we combine three special elements to make our CPD uniquely effective: Active Learning, Personal Development, and Adventurous Training.

 What is Active Learning?

Active Learning is an educational technique that gets you out of the lecture theatre! In small groups, and with the help of a trained facilitator who shares the same interests, the members research, share, digest and debate their chosen topics. The resulting knowledge is integrated into the group’s existing experience and converted into a usable plan for practice. Does it work? Bonwell and Eison (1991) concluded:- “comparable to lectures for achieving content mastery but superior for developing thinking and application skills”.

and What is Personal Development?

Defined by Aristotle as “the practice of virtues that lead to human flourishing”. Or more recently:  “personal development improves awareness and identity, develops talents and potential, builds human capital and facilitates employability, it enhances quality of life and contributes to the realisation of dreams and aspirations” Aubrey (2010). The sessions, activities and social side alone achieve this but we offer cultural extras such as cookery demonstrations, wine tasting, and a lesson in digital photography or even painting!

 And what on earth is Adventurous Training?

The British Army define this as: “engaging in challenging outdoor adventurous activities in order to develop leadership, teamwork, physical fitness, moral and physical courage and other personal attributes and skills that are vital to the delivery of operational capability”. Don’t panic! – you don’t have to do it!…. but it remains a recommended part of personal development. Our courses are set in the Alps so the stage is set; snow sports, climbing, white water rafting, kayaking, cycling, mountaineering or paragliding – you choose!

We don’t just facilitate the enhancement of professional skill sets, we create social and cultural environments, and physical and mental challenges to take mind and body a few steps further.

“most professionals are sufficiently informed; what is needed is the skill and confidence to express one’s ability and communicate it to others, sometimes under fire!”

The company is based in Hexham in the North-East of England but our courses usually take place elsewhere – our main training centre is in the French Alps.

Why do we do it?

You have to do CPD whether you like it or not!; it’s an inevitable cost of both time and money so you want it to be effective,  compliant, enjoyable and of course good value for money. We believe, however, that traditional CPD does not equip the modern day professional with enough coaching for the hard yards, the long haul, call it what you like….life! So that’s why we do it.

Find out more by browsing our website or ring Roger on 07796 948982 or Colin on 07880 710106.

Some of our forthcoming courses:

Leading a Team


26th-31st Jan 2014; Samoens

Activity: Off-piste skiing. Facilitators:  Colin Mitchell, John Macfarlane and Roger Scott. This course is for senior managers and business owners who are involved in operational and commercial team leadership. The broad cocept of leadership is explored along with more specific process analysis such as KPI, event organising, personal development, and practical leadership sessions. The off-piste guiding is by Luc Dumontier of The Ski Club Of GB – well known to several previous delegates and very popular.

Clinical Pathology in Farm Practice


31st Jan – 4th Feb 2014; Samoens

Activity: On-piste snow sports. Facilitator: Lee-Anne Oliver BVM&S, MRCVS, VIO. Lee-Anne has extensive experience of farm practice and now, working for SAC, is able to distil the best of both worlds. This course is recommended for all farm vets from new graduates to oldies. Skiing or boarding you’ll be looked after by our friends at ZigZag.

The Vet-Farmer Relationship


4th-9th Feb 2014; Samoens

Activity: On-piste snow sports. Facilitator: Jo Bates BVM&S, DBR, MRCVS. This course is recommended for anyone working in farm practice and their “champion clients”. The content will build on the premise that being wholly on-board with the client is crucial to success. Jo is an experienced farm vet; she heads up the Farm Department at Scott Mitchell Associates in Hexham. On-piste skiing tuition for all levels is provided by Zig-Zag.